Tips On Building Your Compost Tumbler

compost tumbler in garden

Planning to make your compost tumbler for your garden to get the perfect hummus, make sure to check out details and get ideas from different sources or check out on building the perfect one.

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First check out the materials that you would need to build the compost tumbler, make a checklist and keep them all handy. Make sure that you start building one which is easy for you to turn, without exerting yourself.

Drill holes in both the sides of the barrel, the top and the bottom. First, measure the axle which you would be using to turn the barrel and make holes accordingly. Use a drill to make apt holes. The same way drill around twenty holes around the barrel on both sides for proper ventilation during composting.

Next, you will have to mark a door and cut it out accordingly, to put in the compost. Use the latches and hinges purchased from the checklist and fix the door, for easy access. Pass the pipe through the holes you made on the top and bottom of the barrel.

After the barrel is ready, build the wooden stand to support the compost tumbler. Place the tumbler on the prepared wooden stand and make sure that it is easy to rotate the barrel with the help of the axle.

Make sure that you choose a darker colored barrel, because heating up is better in dark colored barrels than the lighter ones. If you have a lighter shade, make sure to paint them black or brown. Pick a smaller barrel which fits your backyard perfectly, and they are easy to turn because a lot of turning is required to get the perfect dark and nutrient rich soil for your perfect organic garden.