How to Grow Herbs in Container?

Herb garden

Growing plants in container has many advantages than growing in garden or land. It is not possible to own a garden for everyone, but it is easy to buy different types of containers as per the requirements. It is not easy to change the soil condition of the entire garden but you can select and use the required sand if you are going for containers. Please refer some useful content on the following website Containers can provide a typical rainforest environment by adopting some techniques. We can use different types of soil such as moisture soil and soil with drainage capacities. The following are the advantages of using containers.

Soil and Water Level

It is easy to control the water level if you are using a container. It is recommended to use big container as it is easy to control the moisture of the soil. Please do not select clay type container as these containers will suck the water from soil and the soil will become dry quickly. You can make an artificial rain forest environment to apply water for plants.

Water drainage system

It is quite easy to control the water level if you are using a container compared to gardening method. Please select the soils which have good draining capabilities. During rainy seasons, keep all the containers indoors to avoid water log. Please water the soil directly and avoid watering the plant leaves as leaves are so sensitive to fungus.

Screen from Direct Sun LightIndoor garden

Some herbal plants love to grow in chilly climatic conditions. If your area’s climate is very hot, it is good to keep the plant in a safer place where it covers direct sunlight. Some herbs will be affected by cold. These herbs will grow nicely in outdoor conditions in a container when the climate is warm. These plants will be placed indoors when the climate is chill. There won’t be any movement in these kinds of herbs during winter season. So it is recommended to keep them in greenhouse with a sun facing place.

There are many types of containers to select.
1. Ceramic Pot -The ceramic type of container is very famous for growing herbs and they are very cost effective. These pots are durable, dust resistant and heat resistant. Also they control the moisture level very well.
2. Synthetic Pot- Plastic pots are commonly used everywhere. This is also very cheap and very light compared to other type of pots. The chemicals used for some kind of plastic pots are not goods for herbs.
3. Clay Pots –Clay pots are not durable as the pot may crack if the climate is hot. Also these pots suck more water and the soil will become dry so quickly.
4. Glazed Ceramic Pot – You have to handle these types of pots carefully. These pots will control moisture levels nicely compared to Clay pots. Also these pots are durable during winter period also. These pots are available in different sizes and designs
5. Wood Pot – Some herbs will grow very nicely in wooden type of pots. It is your choice to select the correct container based on the plant you are planning to grow.