All About Epilators – Your Intimate Partner

Hair removal is a practice since ancient times; the hair-free silky smooth skin was considered a social qualification of a woman. There are several methods to remove hair like shaving, waxing and epilating. Epilating is considered the best hair removal method when compared to other methods. The device used in epilating is called the epilator, which is an electronic device that enables pulling out multiple hairs at a time by grabbing it. Testimonials like remington epilator testimonials will provide the in-depth information of the usage of Epilators.

As highlighted in, there are various brands of epilators are in huge competition in the market. Shaving may be a temporary solution to hair, but within a couple of days, there will be hair growth on the skin. Waxing may pull out hairs from the root, but it is relatively painful and needs expertise supervision. Epilators set asides these issues and it can be done easily by a person without any monitoring and hair grows only after two or three weeks after epilating.

Based on the rating, below are the best epilators in the trending market.

Considerations for a good epilator
A good epilator should ensure to remove hair from the root without damaging the outer surface of the skin by cutting it or scratching it. The high number of tweezers should be present for quick removal of hair from the legs. Cleaning the epilator should be easy. Gloves with cooling effect should be used post epilating. Quality and Price go hand-to-hand.

The silk Epil-9 wet and dry epilator
The Braun’s brand Silk Epil-9 epilator is the top rated epilator in 2016. The efficient engineering technique of removing even the tiniest of hair even less than 0.5mm. The pre-epilation wipes are the newly featured accessory which is not present in any other epilators. These wipes ensure that the skin experience soft and smooth epilating process. With dual speed system, soft lift tips, fifteen degrees pivoting heads, usage during both wet and dry condition and fast recharging batteries ranks it the top among the epilators.

HP6401 Satinelle Soft
This model of epilator from HP is for the gentle and efficient removal of hair from all part of the body. It helps remove tiniest of hair size of 0.5mm and even less from the root. With two speed settings, efficiency cap, active massage and lift features and repeated use makes the hair grow thinner in future and ensures easy removal. It comes along with a glove that has the exfoliating capability to avoid redness of the skin after epilation.

Epilators of renowned brands are very much reliable to buy when compared to the newbie companies that crowd the market. Speed count, chargeable, long chord, fitted cap and exfoliating gloves are the basic requirements that make an epilator to be the best for a consumer.
Wet and dry epilators are the choice of women who don’t tolerate extreme pain. This type of epilator can be used in the shower when the pores on the skins will wide open for the hair to easily remove out of the root.